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Pastor Joel's Welcome

Welcome to Christian Fellowship Center’s Webpage

Welcome to Christian Fellowship Center’s Webpage. Here at CFC, we are a family of believers who are committed to Loving God, Providing Loyal Service and Liberating Lives.

We are so glad that God has led you to our website. As you browse through these pages, you will learn about our dynamic ministry.
CFC is a place where we love God, and that love is expressed through our corporate praise, worship and lifestyle. As we gather together to convey our admiration, awe and desire for God, He continues to reveal to us His character and unconditional love.

CFC is a place where we provide loyal service. Our ministries are designed to empower and enrich your quality of life. It is our prayer that the services will help meet your physical and spiritual needs, and you will begin to experience a blessed and abundant life.

It is our hope and desire that you will experience a great change in every area of your life through prayer, instruction and application of God’s word. It is our intention to help you grow to your full potential in Christ and live a prosperous, liberated life.

Rev. Joel D. Rudolph, Sr.
Senior Pastor